Cruising Is Working on Your Boat In Exotic Places

There's an old sang that goes "Cruising is working on your boat in exotic places". Well this is true. It's true, however; after you have spent countless hours (and more so, dollars) getting ready to leave the dock and get to said 'exotic places'.

So let's get up to speed and get excited about the projects that've ensued on S/V Silver Girl and S/V Miaplacidus since September 6, 2016 in anticipation of Departure Day (which we'll call January 10th):

Refurbishing an entire teak deck - Check

Bottom job complete with blisters X 2 - Check 

Solar panel installation - Check 

VHF system and wiring - Check

Water tank troubleshooting - Check

Fresh water plumbing - Check

Generator repair - Check

Anchor replacement - Check

Battery installation - Check

Dock line rodent repellent - Check

RPM throttle slippage - Check

Countless 'minor' repairs - Check

And finally, nearing the finish line without having destroyed a perfectly happy relationship - Check!

Stay tuned for the tantalizing tale and explanation of how to complete each project in future posts!

Best breezes and serene seas, proper pirates!


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