Folding Bikes Are Rad

Firstly, they are their own little puzzle. At first glance they look impossible as you pull a twisted glob of metal and pedal out of a 2'x2' canvas bag. I mean, the engineering that went into planning how this thing (that will transport a grown man) could collapse into such a space is really impressive! And then all the pins and twist screws and hinges and bendy things (seriously, all four of them) are enough to make you scratch your head. 


Secondly, their low profile and tiny tires are super cool. On my first spin I envisioned myself racing down St Pete Beach alongside the Saturday morning middle-aged men's road team, the vision quickly disappeared though as I made my first left turn. The itty, bitty 20" tires require a bit of concentration when making the maneuver.


Lastly, never leave for an extended cruise without one. They are worth their weight in rum! And one can always get you to the corner store in case you run out.

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