Low Visibility is Serious, Seriously

For the fair weather Pirate such as myself, fog is a couple things. It's super pretty when I'm at anchor or the safety of land, and it's super terrifying when I'm navigating. 


About a month ago I took the photos in this post. 


The first is an iPhone shot from shortly after leaving my local boat yard  (shout-out to Snug Harbor in Madeira Beach) enroute to The Club with s/v Miaplacidus. . The run is all of 5 miles and I've probably done it 100 times, but with visibility less than 50', I was more than a little nervous. I realized that this shortcut I take from John's Pass to Treasure Island had been taken for granted. I realized that navigating in low visibility is dangerous and no matter how much local knowledge I think I possess, a navigational nightmare can happen to any of us. Quickly. I realized that I absolutely love and appreciate the hundreds of waypoints peppered throughout my electronic charts that keep me precisely 20 yards off the Isle of Capri seawall...


Cue in the second iPhone shot that was taken the following day at Treasure Island Beach. I do believe this skipper took for granted his local knowledge. 


Best breezes and serene seas,

Capt Tess

Oh, and clear skies!

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