Onboard Entertainment

We're planning to cruise for three months. I'm thinking about the 40+ hour nonstop sailing segments and my night watch. I'm planning on how I'll entertain my overactive, quick-to-lose interest brain.

I bought some books. Joel got some books. Parents gifted some books. My sister shipped some books. We have an eclectic array of materials at this point. I'm looking forward to reading everything from my nieces' 'Harry Potter' to Alene's 'Paris Bookstore' to Joel's 'East of Suez' to my 'Brain Plasticity'.


Joel thinks I'll have to read for six hours everyday to finish them all. I'm willing to send a progress report to someone who will hold me accountable - just kids in the Book It thing. Remember those personal Pizza Hut pizzas?


Best breezes and serene seas,

Captain Tessa

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