Holy Mackeral (Cakes!)

Shortly after breakfast, a mackeral dinner was already in the works.


He didn't put up much of fight getting into the boat and once aboard, I super soaked his gills with vodka for a quick and painless 'crossing over'.


Here's what led up to dinner time:


~ Marinate fillets for an hour or so: Garlic, Worshister Sauce, Old Bay & Salt & Pepper

~ Pan fry until flakey, put aside to cool

~ Mix together: Panko crumbs, egg, minced onion and peppers, and the mack.

~ Make handful size patties, toss in a lightly olive oiled pan, and brown on each side for about seven minutes.


We whipped together some fresh tartar (mayo, pickle and lemon) and paired ours with a side salad.


It was a foodie fish experiment. It was a foodie fish success!

#FreshCatch #Dinner #FishFood #AtSeaFood #SeaBySailing #Fishing

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